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Hey, newbie here...

Yes, it's strange to be a newbie in a community, and to livejournal, so I'll be your pathetic little guinea-pig for a while... I've read the book and saw the movie. The two are excellent, even though in the movie the story's pretty different. My fave character of the movie and book has to be Tim Sullivan. But, who's isn't? It's hard to not like the guy, specially in the book, where's he's this short, blonde, long-haired kid who taught the whole gang all the stuff they know! It's true, people like him, who give such an influence, don't live long, because they're so powerful in little time it ends up wearing out in a way? Ok, I confuse people, ignore me. My favorite quote, in the movie and book, has to be: "Hey, Edgar Allan Poe slept with his cousin, but I forgive him that, because he was a genius." It wasn't exactly like that, but I don't have the book or movie with me right now, but you guys'll remember it. Well, bye.

Me, myself and I.
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