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Hey, newbie here...

Yes, it's strange to be a newbie in a community, and to livejournal, so I'll be your pathetic little guinea-pig for a while... I've read the book and saw the movie. The two are excellent, even though in the movie the story's pretty different. My fave character of the movie and book has to be Tim Sullivan. But, who's isn't? It's hard to not like the guy, specially in the book, where's he's this short, blonde, long-haired kid who taught the whole gang all the stuff they know! It's true, people like him, who give such an influence, don't live long, because they're so powerful in little time it ends up wearing out in a way? Ok, I confuse people, ignore me. My favorite quote, in the movie and book, has to be: "Hey, Edgar Allan Poe slept with his cousin, but I forgive him that, because he was a genius." It wasn't exactly like that, but I don't have the book or movie with me right now, but you guys'll remember it. Well, bye.

Me, myself and I.
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Yes. I wish they'd stuck more with the book, but.. I dunno. Even Margie in the book is different.. Her looks are almost the opposite in the movie. In the book, Margie is the curly blonde-haired 7th grader. In the movie, they change it to make her seem like "someone you would expect to cut herself & attempt suicide" with dark brown straight hair. I also kind of wish they had narrated it with some phrases from the book.. in Emile's voice when certain things were happening. The book phrases things so beautifully & honestly, and not putting any of that in the movie sort of.. changes it a lot. I agree that they are both awesome, but the book is definitely my favorite.
^_^ I went to Savannah since I live in Georgia where Chris Fuhrman.. and since Savannah has a reputation for being a "haunted city" (the most haunted city in the country actually).. we went on a ghost tour. Our tour guide was an elderly man who had lived in Savannah for pretty much his entire life. For some reason, I felt like asking him if he knew or had even heard of Chris Fuhrman. I asked. Turned out he had.. his son had gone to Sacred Heart with him. =\ I even got to go in the church where Fuhrman must've gone to school/church (since he did go to Catholic school it had to have been the same place, you know? xD) Too bad Fuhrman is dead. I would've really liked to meet him.
Welcome & thank you for waking up the community. ^_^
*where Chris Fuhrman is from.

Hehe.. Sorry for the rambling. x_X
Yay; a haunted city. I wish I would've met him too, his book seems sort of autobiographical, you know? The kind of book people don't invent unless they base it on someone, so it's probably him and his friends, but different. In a book you always find parts of the author, metaphores relating to his/her life, etc. so it would be great to meet him.
It probably would be like meeting one of the guys from the book.
Yeah, that would be so awesome if I'd met him & he was a lot like Tim & Francis. Tim is my favorite character from any book or movie that I've seen. He's just.. I don't know.. He's really awesome. Like someone you would want to be your friend, but he is real & not afraid of who he is.. Maybe that's why I think he's awesome. Like the part in the book where he tells Francis that he isn't afraid to cry. And how he does impish stuff just for the hell of it.. like putting out the power of the neighborhood. There was no reason to do that.. He just thought it would be fun so he did it. xD I would love to be able to do that kind of stuff without having to get in trouble for it. ^_^
Yeah, the only problem is that we aren't bored in Savannah in the 70's... :s When you're bored you do dumb but fun shit, like prank calls and such. It's hard to do that kind of stuff in a city -_-
=\ I know. It sucks how much society has changed since then. My dad, as ironic & stupid as this sounds (no lie), went to Catholic school.. not in Savannah.. but Ohio in the 60's or something like that.. and he said they'd do dumb shit like that all the time & no one ever caught them. Or if they ever were caught, nobody ever really did anything. They set this kid's treehouse on fire one time just because they didn't like him. xD Ahh.. what a life that would be. *Le sigh.*
My dad had his group of friends (his neighbors and siblings) and would throw stink bombs in the chimney of this stuck-up lady who lived next door when she had parties, and ride bikes and stuff and crash them against her door. XD
Haha. xD Cool. Ahh.. boredom sucks so bad. -_-;;

Hmm.. so what would be your favorite part of the book? x_X
I don't really have a favorite part, I just like it best when the gang's together talking about crap or they do, say, think something that I could identify myself with or something...
Hmm.. yeah, I don't really think some of my friends took to DLoAB like I did because they're all.. Christian & crap & I'm not. I found it to be amusing when Tim would make comments about religion. Like how that dog was just as holy as anything else he knew. Or.. "God is a lie. Remember Santa Claus?" xD But I'm just weird like that.